Friday, October 03, 2008

summer trip homage remembered in fall...

to my friends on the last sunshine coast kayaking trip, i wrote this rambling memory in august but forgot all about it. this one's for you!

early morning ferry line-up we wait at the horseshoe
beneath “changes ahead!”
a sign more foreboding than convincing,
but we get on and decide to re-pack:
no plastic bags in the dry bag! that won't fit!
I’m sorry we had to be so militant

and somehow, we lose people on the ferry
caroline - so little and scurrying -
we think the white spot has abducted her.
olivia, we think, is in the bathroom
and trevor maybe in the gift shop
we sure hope they found steve
and is that accordion I hear on the deck?

from the ferry, tim hortons to pedals and paddles
we pack our gear and go
off to the deep blue -
wait! where are douglas' keys?

aha! thar she blows, our campsite at nine-mile
we set up camp, take some naps
invent rock games and take care
to edify our minds with mr. lewis and his friends

the day dims, stomachs growl
we try and try to light a fire
that is, until the men display their manly magic
and build, to our amazement – and wonder –
the fire of a century. we cook.

a good 'ol throw 'n dig. this corn is fabulous!
nikki, what a carnivore’s chilli!
when we’re finally happy, full and silly
caroline suggests some funny yet strange recreation
that we should participate in some – yes –
games of humiliation
what?! We all ask with great consternation;
this bodes not well for us, we say – and disappear
the woods, providing much shelter
the beach a safe haven where we can watch
simpsons on charles’ magik light-box, the PSP

And did I mention that nikki has rabies at night?
racing around the tent, foaming at the mouth
"dumped" into the tent, landing on my head with her bum
"oh, where am I?! she exclaims, thinking she was in a box.
then we were, 2am listening to snoring into the wild

a new day – and little sleep - sharpens my skill
as steve rejects his rot-brewed coffee
the planets align and plinko comes alive
to score, unfortunately, the throw of a lifetime
and wet pants for nikki

this day we embark for kunechin point
a day trip guaranteed sights of marine life.
wouldn’t you know it? a sealage invasion!
thrity, forty – no fifty! – seals in water
following and watching and bobbing their heads
dark little beach balls with glimmering eyes
sea dogs - so cute and so round.

here we have lunch after bushwhacking a mile
following our fearless leader, douglas sir winter
through brush and cobwebs and impending doom
but find, eventually, the path we should’ve found
a mile before just by the beach. oh well.

the point, we lunch. We have our time of sunday devo
A theological debate under the gaze of a great bird,
the bald eagle
who watches and wonders why humans sit in sun
to redden, argue and bake so

back at camp, we alight so tired and hungry
time for pizza! hawaiian, all-dressed, pepperoni with cheese –
we fashion an oven of tin-foil perfection.

and later that night, exhaustion brings delirium:
charles is just a head; we rest bellow tv jingles
a free jukebox service, including the odd eruption
of musical flatulence. doug, how shocking!

and again, the smallest tent in the world
with nikki, I manage to sleep soundly
past her midnight murmurings
and witching hour wakefulness
but morning comes and we wake to the sound
the familiar roar of male nasal buzzsaws
and the chirping of birds and the love songs
of porpoises.

what kind of deodorant do you use? I ask
and nikki says, “Dove.”
and from deep slumber he says,
“Yes, dear?”
armpit love. The discovery of it is hilarious.

lastly I close because this is getting too long:
we threw the peel out the window
charles & co stopped to get it; we’re sorry.
and on the ferry again we lost some people
it’s ok; we all came home safe
loaded with memories and food,
meatsweats and clubbed seals,
we ate and we played
happily under the long summer sun.

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