Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i should be offended . . .

perhaps i should be ashamed to admit this, but i saw tropic thunder last week - by choice. yes, i know you think zoolander was stupid but i can't get enough of ben stiller in tights and a punk mullet. ok - so he's sporting military for this one, but i couldn't pass up a movie with robert downey jr. playing an australian actor who's played an Irish priest who plays a black man . . . you know - the dude who gets smacked by the real black dude who can't stand the fact that he's a white dude pretending that he really is a black dude.

confused? you should be. especially if you want to use that as your excuse for not noticing the racial and mentally challenged stereotypes they make fun of in this movie. To "go full retard" or not, that is the question we're challenged with in this movie. It's just like zoolander's challenge to be just really, really good-looking, or a mite better than below-average dumb. stiller's brilliance takes my breath away.

no, seriously. if there's one guy who's crazy humour tickles me mulletty, it's stiller's. and there you have it; my guilty, low-brow pleasure. i think i got it from high-level exposure to my brother's favourite moron, ottawa-bred tom green. not like his humour compares, but there's something in their crude, dumb-teenage-boy humour that keeps them similar in my frame of reference. oh well. i've been corrupted!

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