Friday, August 15, 2008

our one-year anniversary in seattle

so we made it! one whole year and we're still together. there were some ups and downs, giggles and suckerpunches, but here we are, married and padded with happy fat.

the first thing we did in seattle was visit the famous Pike Place market to watch fish being thrown around like torpedo-sized footballs. better yet was all the people-watching opportunities. bet all the asians taking videos (including me) were probably from vancouver.

being lovers of fat, frolicky otters, we ventured over to the seattle aquarium and pinched sea cucumber tushies, poked poor starfish in the eyes and waved to a slumbering octopus.

then over to ye old curiosity shoppe, where this video was taken. it sells all sorts of fun knick-knacks but my favs were the antique entertainment machines - a fortune telling gypsy and a creepy laughing jack sailor. also, the store/museum is full of "natural" oddities, like stuffed two-headed calfs, a fijian mermaid, two real mummies (our friends slyvester and sophia), a whale penis, a flattened walrus face and a collection of shrunken heads from ecuador. way too much fun.

the best tour we took was the seattle underground tour. apparently, seattle burned down at one point and they rebuilt the city with a dumbass plan that resulted in the roads being 10 to 30 feet higher than the buildings and sidewalks. seems like the citizens were ok with this, since before the fire, seattle was riddled with plumbing problems being built on mudflats. If you had to take a sit on the toilet, you'd better check the tide table in the paper or you'd have a stream of sewage shooting you up ten feet into the air. (for real!). anyhow, the tour guide was the best part of the show since the rest looks like a mouldy basement. use your imagination!

eventually, we made our way to the seattle zoo, the science center, sci-fi museum and experience music project. those were fun, but by then, we were pooped.

a great, but exhausting whirlwind of an anniversary weekend!


Palantar said...

Happy Anniversary Matthea and Joash! (From Tim and Sonya both, Sonya is pointing out) That was really freaky!

Palantar said...

Aye, that is a nerdy blog. I recommend checking out Sonya's blog for all the gritty details - like, I would say something, but it would inevitably pale in comparison to the umpteen pages of description with pictures on her blog :)