Thursday, July 31, 2008

me, a wii widow?

following Joash's most amazing, waterballoon-filled surprise birthday party, he was presented with a shiny new Wii by my old housemates in hopes he would share his new toy with them in future. i have to say i was hesitant when they asked if they should get it for him. (i could just see him getting obssessed, with a rising pile of Fs trailing from regent college to our house.) But my jobie is a cute boy and i could just see his face pleading, yes! yes! yes! and the thought of him happier than ernie in a bathtub was enough for me to say, ooookay.

luckily, we haven't played it that often . . . yet. we did spend one night playing Wii golf and boxing, the latter of which i must say gets me more riled up than being trapped in an elevator with kenny g. who knew virtual boxing could be such a workout?

so, ok - i like the thing. it has a pretty white sheen and greets us with happy la-la music when we check the weather on it.

i also like the fact that the Wii is a game system that finally redeems those poor little girls who grew up with bigger brothers calling them dumb for moving the controllers to go, jump or hit faster or harder. now being stupid is cool.


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guysmilez said...

I was one who used to make fun of those girls who moved the controllers to jump and I will continue to do so! Mwuhahaha!