Thursday, October 23, 2008

j & m's southwest adventure, part 1

so for ten days, joash and i traipsed around new mexico and southern colorado to visit family, friends and the places where joash grew up. reuniting with his family is always a good reminder of why joash is the way he is - and, going to his hometown in cortez, co, and meeting friends from his old church, city on a hill, gave me even more insight to his quirkiness. *rubbing hands together in mischief* i sure got some good stories!
  • from his highschool friends: i learned that the schumpelts had a reputation for being quirky. like the time my father-in-law decided to get rid of their lawnmower and opt for the best type money could buy: a llama. yes, he bought a llama thinking it would just chew away the grass. sure, it ate the grass, but only in patches. i'm sure the lawn ended up looking like a diseased animal with its hair falling out in clumps.
  • from city on a hill: joash had a reputation during his first year at UNM for being the big guy lumbering around in big woolly sweaters and a big 'fro. she called him "the goat-cheese boy" because he looked like a goatherder that lived on a farm.
  • from the schumpelts: apparently, when joash gets sick, he turns into a big baby. i know this from experience. ha ha. also, being the first of the litter, joash wasn't allowed to watch he-man or much of what we consider 80s cartoon classics. poor boy, he missed out on the masters of the universe!
  • from joash: this isn't something i learned on this trip but thought it would be fun to mention anyway. when joash was widdle, he went to the zoo hoping to feed some giraffes. by the time all the other kiddies in line had their turn, mr. giraffe was vewy, vewy full. little jobie, with hand outstretched to make connection with the great african wild . . . only finds himself greeted with a projectile of giraffe vomit. poor little boy indeed!
some of you may wonder how i, the newest addition to the schumpelt clan feel about being part of such an eccentric and quirky family. well, do you remember my name is Matthea?! i fit in beautifully.

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