Wednesday, November 01, 2006

procrastination is my middle name

so this is my new blog format. i got bored with the white background and curly yellow font. that was monday. yesterday, i read two chapters of some crazy book on pragmatics and ended up watching harry potter & the prisoner of azkaban. good movie. well, to argue that i have been semi-productive this week, i made some semi-worthless observations about how similar bram stoker's dracula is to voldemort. mina harker could be the new female hp. she gets bitten by the count, and is now telepathically joined to him just like . . . get this! . . . harry is telepathically joined to voldemort after surviving the avra kadavra spell. ooooooh.

wow. that would make some really good essay.

so this among other things is what i have been up to. and i sat in class yesterday counting down the days and weeks when this will all be over: 4 WEEKS LEFT!!!!

joy joy joy joy joy.

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Joash said...

Nice page Cutie.
Only four weeks left?!?!
Yeah hoooo. Sleep here I come!!!