Wednesday, November 08, 2006

will have, maybe, but not yet

so it is settled. i am going home to ottawa dec 16 to eat and sleep and sleep some more. i will have finished my grad degree once and for all and have probably made some obnoxiously loud celebratory noises in the English office...and, i'll probably burn all my books and papers, essays and computer while dancing madly 'round the fire in a crazed fit of joy.

and i hope it's snowing in ottawa. if it's cold enough, I will try to skate from one end of the canal to the other. or, i'll get my tiny white pup and wrestle her into the snow.

and then it's off to new mexico...again to visit Joash and his family. yay, it is warmer there, and sunnier too. how exciting. how strange it will be to be back so soon. i'm landing in albuquerque and joash wants me to meet ALL his friends this time. eek.


Jacklyn said...

hey matthea!
are you going back to Ottawa for good? no way! you can't leave vancouver :)

matthea said...

jackie, you are too funny. to the rest of you wondering, I am not going back to Ontario for good; it's just for the Christmas holidays!!! ;). I am so excited to be *almost* done my master's... I want to go home...and sleep !!!

horlbecks said...

Yes, we definitely want to see you in ABQ over Christmas! We can't wait!

enitsuj said...

oooo... sleep! that's my fave part of going home for the holidays :) an early congrats for when you finish your masters!