Monday, October 30, 2006

descent into the maelstrom

superstore n \süpәr-stō(ә)r\ 1: a typical North American one-stop-shopping venue that usually involves lots of people with overloaded shopping carts 2: EXCESS 3: suicide on a sunday afternoon SYN 'T&T or Costco on a weekend in Toronto'

Every Sunday, my housemates and I (including, Joash, the extended house member) do something fun together. Last week, they held me a super duper surprise party after stuffing me with pizza and gelato. There was wine, cheese and sweets because apparently, I am all those things according to Joash. grrr. This Sunday, we again decided to gorge ourselves on food, only in the sense that we went to buy a massive amount of it. This is where S u p e r s t o r e came in. Thanks to Arizona Tim's big yellow American truck, we went to this massive warehouse-like building to stock up on stuff that Safeway prices like gas. Well, I have to say, the deals at The Real Canadian Superstore aren't that 'super' but there are deals within if you have the patience to navigate your way through this populous mini-metropolis that magically exists only between 9am-10pm, every day of the week.

People, if you can, stay home. Superstore is no place to be on a weekend. You might as well do yourself in at Metrotown. If you do go, be sure to practice your shopping cart maneuvering, put on your crash helmet, and 'git on yer road rage.

or go on a weekday right before closing.


the Dancing Llama said...

This sounds like a song I know. "you can take that cart and shove it I don't shop here any more!" Your concret floors and automatic doors are a sick and awful bore."

I understand your pain, imagine working there, that must rank somewhere pretty low in Dante's inferno.

Justine said...

heh... that's where i do my groceries typically. always better on a weeknight -- almost dead in fact!

photo_fanatic said...

Well, here's another crazy place to go shopping on the weekends Wal-Mart. Just got a comforter from Wal-Mart in Scarborough Town Centre on a Saturday afternoon. It was like a zoo!

Joash said...

Hey Photo_fanatic, congrads on the new job, we will miss you!!

Matthea, nice new look. This page just keeps getting prettier..