Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I am a thawed, mouldy chicken - happy birthday

Another year, another fat roll. Yup, there it is. Rounder and more pronounced than last year. I write this hunched over my laptop at 8am in the morning because I've procrastinated on some work and usually wake up at 6 the day it's due. But, I rolled out of my warm bed into the drafty darkness of pre-dawn, sat down on this computer, wrote some hopefully encouraging things on the C+ paper I just graded (essentially, "you made some good points, but this essay sucked"), and noticed the increase of belly over my pants. Ah, I have just stepped a little ways past the mid-twenties. Hm. To be twenty-six.

So, many of you I'm sure are asking, "What does it feel like?"
Well, something between mould and a spring chicken: a thawed, mouldy chicken.
In other words, I feel really tired and worn out from the increasing concerns of adult life, but young in that I still have lots to learn in this life and can be very silly despite feeling, often, older than I am.
"Then why are you thawed?"
A floppy chicken = flabby me.

So, I can now look at my 26 years, and feel happy at least that no only do I have lots to look forward to (flab and all), but that I am Chinese, and will look 24 for another twenty years. Booyah!

Happy Birthday to me!


hobbes said...

Wow - Happy Birthday!

Welcome to the late twenties... pull up a chair and join the rest of us. I prefer to think of it more as aged and seasoned, than thawed and moldy... kind of like cheese

lilliebabie said...

happy belated Mathea!

StorMRequiem said...

Yay. Happy Birthday Matthea!

Mark said...

Dude Matthea, you are a master of the written word. Of course, both Renee and I disagree with some of your conclusions :). We both wish you a happy birthday and many more to come!

enitsuj said...

hey, happy belated bday! sorry to have missed your wine-y cheese-y party :( i was a bit far away but would've loved to celebrate with ya!

matthea said...

Thank ya'll kindly fer them birthday wishes. I had a lovely birthday full of friends and food. ;p-- a surprise party that was truly a surprise thanks to Mr. Joash, who truly outdid himself. ;)