Thursday, September 28, 2006

ottawa to toronto and back: a vacation saga

Cindy and Yang show off some PDA
"Cheerleaders are like dancers gone retarded!
At the end of August, I went home to Ontario to visit family and friends. I stopped off in Toronto first to visit Cindy, and had lots of food *marhm*, watched "Bring it On" outside on the big screen in the Muchmusic parking lot and got a free copy of the DVD plus its stellar sequel, "Bring it On Again"... Like, cheer-tastic!

Ok, so I admit I like stupid chickflicks, especially when they're as dumb as "Bring it On." But I had an awesome time with Cindy nonetheless, and met Sheena Jones, mah old Crusade friend, who happens to know Joash's roommate Oi Yan. I then had an eerie revelation that I had indeed met Oi Yan six years ago at LCAC, and was astounded to find out that both Sheens and Cindy knew her from Western. Small world. Never underestimate the line, "There's one person I know at Regent - do you know . . . ?"

"I had a dream that Joash was Mexican."
My friend Rob, when I saw him in Toronto, said he had a dream that Joash was "short, dark and fat." Hm. I said, "Joash is a tall white guy who's more ruddy in complexion and has a bit 'o sweet chub." haha. J/k. I didn't actually say that.

Ottawa: "Is Joash Mexican?"
"No, mom."
"No, grandma"
"No, grandpa"
J/k again. I think my folks figured out by then that Joash was white. Actually, they've been telling all their friends that he's German. E-gads. *smack on forehead, eyes rolling*. Even a lady at the airport saluted him with a "Danke." Well, yes, Joash has German in him, but he's as American as they come. He was born at a Wal-Mart, see? -->

"We Like Him. Marry Him Now."
So, my parents luuuuuuuv Joash. They think he's the best thing since flush toilets. In fact, they think he's the poo. ;). The winks and nudges are there; my folks want grandbabies! yaaagggghhhh!
(tee hee)

I showed Joash around Ottawa, and he was amazed by the poutine (fries, gravy and cheese curds) and the piglets at the pioneer village I went to as a kid. We also went to Montreal, where we walked the romantic streets of Le Vieux Port, an 18th century remnant of the city . . . I think Joash didn't know what to think about all the French around us: "por bresito, que lastima!" Another day, we went hiking in the Gatineau hills which is one of my favourite spots at home, ate Chinese food with my whole family and managed well with chopsticks . . . his Chinese on another note . . .

All in all, it was a good trip, despite Joash not having a room in the house for three days . . . my brother and his girlfriend came home one weekend, so without any space for this big tall white guy, he had to sleep outside in the tent trailer where it poured sad rain on him! Oh, my ghetto family. sniff. But hey! He's still with me, so I guess that's a good sign!!!

From there, we were off to Toronto (for me, again) for Joe and Karyn's wedding. Joash was about to meet my entire group of friends from Asian Christian Fellowship . . . AHHHH!!!

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the Dancing Llama said...

Be honest, you deeply desire to be a cheerleader. But if you are a cheerleader, you can't eat poutine, and I lOVE Poutine. OH, Poutine, sweet nectar of the Gods, my arteries long to be clogged by you! What have you done to me Matthea? Your making my Chub grow!

Matthea said...

Embrace the chub. There is no escape.