Sunday, July 09, 2006

more hiking, and off to new mexico

"I'm tired" - Matthea's motto for the week.
I started my job as a care assistant and as general help in a florist's shop. It was a tiring week, for someone who only worked half the average hours a normal person works per week...

"I smell feet."
But Friday was a welcome reward; Joash and I headed up to the mountains again, this time trying out Garibaldi Lake. This was a great trip that started with moderate, but consistent switchbacks for about 2 hours. The next half hour brought us up to Taylor Meadows that opened the view up to 360 degrees of mountains, including the strange and imposing Black Tusk. Too bad, the millions of little pink flowers in the meadows hadn't all come out yet, but in two weeks, we plan to hike up there for an overnight trip so the place should be exploding with colour!!!! I am SO excited!!! After wandering through the meadows, we hiked for a good ways through snow (yup, more snow in July!) and zigzagging our way down to Garibaldi Lake. The scene opened up to what I call "popsicle blue" which replaced my term "Listerine blue" since it reminded me of pain and an awful mint taste. The lake looked like it tasted of blue raspberry kool-aid. There were trout along the shore, and surrounding this huge lake were several mountains and a glacier. Here, we had lunch (finally! I was SO hungry), where some fat birds and a chipmunk came soliciting us for food. They were brave enough to land on Joash's hand to get his gorp...

This was a beautiful hike, and Joash was excessively handsome as my manly outdoorsy mountain man. Ha ha, how cheesy. I am melting. Ho ho.

"Joash, does that make your Mexican?" - Canadians are just as ignorant.
So, this week, I work a few hours Monday, then sleep a bit in the evening, then we take off for Seattle to catch our flight to New Mexico the next morning at ohhhh, the insanity of 7am. Don't ask, I didn't book the flight. It should be lots of fun; I've never been that direction in the states before. Farthest south ever been was... Louisiana?

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