Saturday, July 01, 2006

lookit the handsome fella

So summer school's over, and all of a sudden May and June are gone and passed...! Today is Canada Day (Happy 141th birthday, Canada!) and the bbqs are all out smoking burgers and dogs from every backyard, ah and the sound of 2-4s clinking in every province.
Oh Canada. I love this country.
Joash and I spent yesterday exploring the sea-to-sky highway (99) that leads North to Whistler and winds around extensive mountain ranges and blue-green ocean. We headed up to Elfin Lakes, or at least attempted to . . . we spent the first three hours of the day hiking up an unmarked path that lead us through gentle switchbacks full of buttercups and fallen rocks. The above pictures were taken at the trail's end (after that it got a bit hairy) atop some large boulders overlooking an amazing view of snow-covered moutains.
On the way back, we spotted the turnoff we missed to get to Elfin Lakes - at the Diamond Head entrance. This hike offered the most amazing views of the Tantalus mountain range, some majorly massive and beautiful peaks across Howe Sound. The hike up to Red Heather campground was a bit of a workout with moderate switchbacks for about an hour. Amazingly, there was still snow on the path that we had to walk over, and the campground didn't have any red Heather blooming yet, so the meadow was a bit of a disappointment. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day spent with wonderful company... and it was great to see that Joash and I are about the same level when it comes to the outdoors. ***aww, Matthea's found her mountain man at last!***.

The last two months have been all about children's lit and the weirdness that goes on in the world of Freud...but that ended with a great weekend church retreat where I got to spend some quality time with God in the outdoors and with other people.

And, starting Monday (July 3), I'm working as a care assistant (what I used to do with the March of Dimes). One day a week, I'll also be working at a flower shop, making bouquets. Yeah, what does a grad student with a degree in English lit do? *sigh*. Still asking God what my vocational calling is... pray for me! And yes, I graduate in December '06, which means I will be out of school for the first time in my life. Ack!

Ah, and some of you might already know...I am going to visit New Mexico in July---to see Joash's family and friends. No, that doesn't mean that certain bells will be ringing anytime soon; I see it as a chance to see the important people in his life who have helped shaped who he is, to see the people he keeps talking about, and to have fun! So stop it with your silly questions.

And that doesn't mean what you think when Joash comes to visit my family in Ottawa in August...and my friends in Toronto... We will be there fore Karyn and Joe's wedding! Fun!!!

Anyhow, I am reading "Boundaries on Dating" by the Boundaries authors, Drs. So-and-So. Drat. Joash has given me his inability to remember names of people ;). It's probably the first dating book I've ever read...because I am such a snob about knowledge that I prefer to think I have better sense than what other people can offer...but hey, I know I'm a snob, and realize that Drs So-and So are pretty darn smart. But hey, me being a knowledge snob doesn't explain why John Eldredge's Wild at Heart makes me laugh. Joash thinks it's a cultural thing that I find it funny. However, Karyn has just told me that Joe LOVES that book too and he's Chinese. So maybe you don't have to be from Colorado to like it. Rargh. I am Brad Pitt who wrangles horses. Rargh. I am a man. J/k. I shouldn't knock it because I haven't read ... the whole thing. And also, I am only poking fun of it because it'll annoy Joash. ;p. Lend it to me sometime, k?


the Dancing Llama said...

Two things: first, you're really kinda cute yourself, especially when you are nervous about hiking on fallen rocks.
Second, I will loan it to you, but only if you promise not to make fun of it.

Mr. Cook said...

Hi there. This is T.J. You may have seen me in such films as How to Dance Like a Llama and 5 Monkeys and a Maiden.

I'm a friend of Joash's from New Mexico; I've been seeing who this young lady is whom Joash is dating. In the world of web, it looks like you guys have some chemistry what with your poetic minds, quick wit, and stirring devotion.

Therefore, I commission the both of you to come visit the Cook family in NM (Joash said he was coming back at some point; he mentioned it in his blog, and if it's in his blog it is in the frozen language register and must transpire). Come to my website and meet my wife and me and my new son, Kenny. You'll like your visit here! Joash will explain all the questions you have about this bloke who posted to your site.

the Dancing Llama said...

So you want to go hiking again...
Well maybe, but only if you say please.