Friday, July 21, 2006

enchanted nuevo mehico

"Joash, does that mean you're Mexican?"
So, the week has come and gone; Joash and I flew down to New Mexico to visit his family and friends. I can't believe it was only a week; it seemed like a long time, but strangely not long enough.

The first night, we were in Albuquerque and stayed with Joash's lovely friends Mark, Renee and little Samuel. Joash has spoken so much about them, that it was weird to think that here I was finally getting to meet them. Ah, online faces became real. Ack! Really, it was wonderful - now I know Joash isn't a psychopath after all. haha.

The next day, we headed out to Taos, New Mexico to where his parents live. Okay, so I was too excited about the ugly highway because it looked so "American": big road signs sticking out of desert scenery and adobe houses. The highway soon turned into what looked like big mounds of rock and dirt called "mesas," and soon we were travelling along the much famed Rio Grande - a very tiny river if you ask me. ;p.

"You may be smart, but I know some things too"
Joash's family was a lot of fun to hang out with. I love that their family motto is "I know," because Joash IS such a know-it-all. There is a lot that I loved about this trip - from alpine hiking trips and getting altitude sickness, watching Superman Returns with the family and watching Selah & Chuck perform at their church to visiting Santa Fe, going up toColorado, and off-roading to the top of a mesa on the way back.

I love that Joash's dad will stop at the creek by their house every time he drives by it.

I love that Joash's mom collects bear and caribou items.

I love that Joash and his siblings will wrestle with me in the water.

I gave Joash an ugly red scratch on his back. C'mon. I had to get him back for dunking me.

I love that Joash's brother sings a lovely baritone

I love that Joash's dog is such a sweetie

I love that they have a real teepee set up in their yard

We got a wicked deal on a rental convertible, so we drove around Taos with the top down to chase desert sunsets and to watch the stars.

We also met Joash's friends TJ and Cammy from Albuquerque who were in Taos for the weekend.

We made Chinese dumplings and congee for the Schumpelts our last night. I'm not sure what they thought of the congee though.

Horchada (sp?). Mexican iced rice milk drink with cinnamon. I am addicted.

In this picture, (right) Joash is looking at his full rack of ribs at Santa Fe's Outback restaurant. (left) I am eating something...? and a margarita type drink.

And of course, I begged his momma to show me pictures of this cute little fella... guess who!!!! ;)

Ack. I miss New Mexico already! ;(.

Thank you all who housed and fed us; I had a blast!

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StorMRequiem said...

As Roger said to Cheryl and I, "Yup, the stars will do it." Matthea, you and Joash are in contention for pukiest couple! Yay!