Wednesday, April 26, 2006

i guess i'm a monkey

so i am not asian according to the quiz.

i would rather be more like curious george.

here he is doing what he does best: miching mallecho, making mischief.

i am also a mischief maker. see. new blog format, miching mallecho with html.

george is an optimistic fellow. if he can hold a pen in his toes and hope the ink will get through, then i can finish my term papers.

(too bad ink spills on floor; my brain likewise)


enitsuj said...

awww...i LOVE curious george! my "Curious George goes to the hospital" book growing up was quite ratty due to over-use. he's my hero!

Matthea said...

ahhh, curious george is the greatest. he's better than Pooh, who's a pretty dumb bear to begin with. I have re-begun my obsession with kid's books and their illustrations: it must be the term papers pushing me away from academic reading to children's lit, my first love that started me on this long road...*sigh*.