Tuesday, April 25, 2006

quiz: what kind of asian girl are you?

matthea says: i took this test recently and failed. what does that make me?

Where do you go out with your friends?

Your favorite bbt shop while you take pictures with your friends and make the peace sign!
The cafe where the guys with spiked bangs are outside smoking and admiring their lowered hondas.
At a mall in the suburbs where you take sticker pictures (peace sign out!) with your friends (all 11 crammed into one) and stick them to everything you own.
At someone's house where the guys play video games and the girls listen to Leon Lai or Usher

What are you wearing right now?
Everything 2 sizes too small and whatever's trendy at the mall
A baby tee with a cute cartoon character and fuzzy balls glued on it to match your fuzzy cute purse.
Flapper-style dress with leggings, pink leg warmers and pig tails

What kind of music is playing in your car?
The latest hip hop and rap.. cuz hey.. it's your birthday, it's your birthday!
The latest and hottest korean or chinese pop group cd .. cuz you like how the singers were doing peace signs on the cover!
The latest hip hop and pop mix...it's all about mainstream

What do you do in class...really?
Sit with all your girlfriends and gossip really loud the entire time.
Sit with your friends and speak your Asian language together and giggle at the cute Chinese boy with bleached popstar hair and try to do the peace sign so he can see!
Sit with your friends and talk about how nasty those asian girls over there look and how they need to stop drawing their eyebrows in and stop looking surprised.

What kind of car is closest to the type of car you drive?
A Jetta with lots of stuffed animals and your gym outfit in the trunk and fancy asian air freshener
A Honda with lots of stuffed animals and fancy asian air freshener!
A BMW or Benz with lots of stuffed animals and fancy asian air freshener!
Your Mom's Lexus with lots of stuffed animals and fancy asian air freshener!

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enitsuj said...

apparently i'm not that asian either... most of my answers were "none of the above...". I guess this is true to what one of my friends saying I am the least asian asian woman she knows...