Wednesday, March 15, 2006

School Mayhem

Too many classes yesterday; brain cells degenerating. Uterus acting up, making me crazy. The seminar room I have class in are in the middle of this concrete tower, windowless, airless, and yes, lifeless. I miss UWO's gothic University Tower, even those butt-cramping 19th century wooden chairs we sat on. At least we had windows! UBC's Buchanan Tower is just like the dreaded concrete social science building at Western, and is something of a design nightmare from the 60s that thought a campus that looked like a computer chip from aerial view would be cool. ack.

Tim Hortons is also lacking on campus. Yes, Vancouver loves its Starbucks. To my lovely surprise, when I got back from my leave, I found that a Timmys had opened at 99 Chairs! Oh, how I took for granted Western and the Timmys in every building on campus! I was so happy I could say, "a large coffee, double-double" and have a donut for two dollars.

So what's with the SUB being a food court, social gathering place, movie theatre, and garbage dump all at once? It never ceases to amaze me that students treat their campuses like dirt. It was nearly impossible to find a seat that wasn't going to bury me in garbage. People eat, leave their trash, and go. This repeats, the garbage accumulates, and you get SUB-the-trashcan as a building. Maybe the architects of the 60s had a good reason for designing ugly buildings: why bother making them nice if they're going to get trashed anyhow?


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the Dancing Llama said...

Have Patience my uterine impaired friend ;) God is working even now and i know that it is part of his great plan to bring Tim Hortons even into the pagan waste land of UBC.