Thursday, March 16, 2006

Quote(s) of the Day

1. "Stupid Fat ugly man (Satan), POO ON YOU!!!!" - Karyn Pong
Thanks to Cora, I was reminded of one of Karyn's hilarious "-isms".

2. "This is the toilet speaking! What do you want?! RaggghhHHWRRR" - Kate Naus
Kate sitting in a public toilet stall, thinking her friend's knocking on the door. She scares off an elderly woman instead.

3. "This song [Can you feel the love tonight" by Elton John] reminds me of a girl I saw getting a huge tattoo of Simba and Naala frolicking on her back" - Elim by housemate.
Ah the joys of QMFM easy listening at Tim Hortons. I bet that girl has a huge debt to pay off the laser surgery.


the Dancing Llama said...

How can you knock the lion king?!?!
Simba and Naala are a wonderful image of innocence and passion. A beautiful representation of the noblilty of love. I am sure that that girl with the tattoo on her back had it done as a reminder of these deeper truths. But me on the other hand I wear my Jungle Book PJ's because I want to be Baloo.
And my Hercules PJ's make me stronger...

Matthea said...

You lumber well for Baloo but you need longer hair for Hercules, and that might be scary. ;p

enitsuj said...

hilarious! now if only I could actually live according to the first quote and put that stupid fat ugly man in his place when he tries to creep into my space :)