Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Joe and Karyn, Karyn and Joe

Karyn is always in town visiting Joe. I don't know how she does it, but she somehow manages to fly out here to visit him from Toronto --- which is great, since I get to see her too. Ah, old friends are a good thing to have in these parts. I don't know what it is, but every time we all get together, we end up pigging out like you wouldn't believe. They blame me for this, but I don't know why they think "Matthea" and think "food", or how I gained the reputation as a big eater in undergrad. Can I help it if food is so good? No! Ain't my fault. Just like it wasn't that lady's fault - the one who sued Mickey's for getting her morbidly obese. . . Anyhow, last night, we went out to this dodgy dumpling place that was soooo tasty. We had gyozas galore, and deep-fried pork-chops with taiwanese noodles with spicy sauce . . . and yes, it was my idea to get BBT afterwards, the lovely Asian drinky-thing that someone from my church calls "alien embryo" ("Yargh! out of yer chest it comes!) Hahah! Then, we ended up visiting Tim and Leia at the Wired Monk (I should have guessed Joe would've known Leia from Ottawa!) and having . . . more food.

I am satisfactorally carbohydrated!!!


Anonymous said...

Do you guys have Congee Wong out there? They should have one in every city block like they've got Timmys?

Cora said...

Hellloo Matthea

How's it going? i haven't seen you in sooo long!!!! what's been happening? Just the other day, sonja and I were talking about how you use to teach us "beautiful Saviour". Everytime we sing that song, we are reminded of you. :) hahah. Anyways. its good to hear from you, and i'm looking forward to your worship leading with Jesse at K&J's wedding. :)

Matthea said...

Miss Cora,
K&J's will definitely see you then!

I don't even remember teaching you girls that song, but I'm going on a worship retreat this weekend, and I was debating whether I should teach that very song! I guess I should now. I see by the pics on your blog that ACF is still up to its usual hijinx, but I wonder: do you guys still carry the tradition of glow-stick-strapped-to-ball-tackle nighttime winter football? I miss that!

Jon.T said...

Nice to see a blog from the concrete artsy-fartsy herself. If you were still here, Matthea, you could give Cora and I the lowdown on language.

enitsuj said...

Hey Matthea! Let me know next time Karen's in town! been thinking about how i want to have some ottawa folk (chan, anita, joe, karen, you, sher-ping, leah) sometime! btw, i remember hearing you teach beautiful saviour at the grace van getaway last year... you are developing a reputation of sorts! :) hope you're having a good time at the worship retreat right now... was praying for y'all there!