Monday, February 13, 2006

why shopping may be hazardous to your health

Oh, it was sunny today, and my reading week just began. I'm supposed to be working on my Conceptual Integration project, but I'm sitting in Calhoun's having a coffee and reading a non-related book very, very slowly. After, I ended up walking around Broadway, and oh mylanta, there are some clothing sales. Oh, and the sun is out, which somehow means summer is just around the corner. Oh, and I haven't bought anything since Christmas. And oh, I'm so sick of my clothes. Being a is girl so hard. Well, I didn't do too badly; I bought a few shirts on sale, but I could have done much worse---oh, much worse, if I didn't remind myself that I only have one body to clothe, and not 12. Oh, and what shoes have we here?

Ah yes. I have one pair of feet too.


festeringbrain said...

M, don't fight it. You can't resist it. You're a girl, and you will be won over, sooner or later.

Fobbert said...

Hey matthea! Long time no talk!!

I can't believe you actually have a bf, wow, that's more shocking then me getting engaged....=)

Just kidding! gimme a call some time, I miss your stupid giggling episodes!!

Matthea said...

I know; it's been wayyy too long. I'm not sure if I still have your number. Oh, maybe I have your home phone. You still living in Unionville and working with that company that gives you cars? ;p.

You getting ready for all the crazy weddings this summer? !!!