Thursday, June 17, 2004

Asians, Allergies and Alcohol

Yes, I turn red after downing a beer. Yes, I get dizzy after the neck. That was me seven years ago. A million and a half years later, this is me now.

Chris spent the night laughing at me at Zaphod's tonight, as I tried to walk from one side of the club to the other. And I only had one drink, after a huge plate of pasta. She said this is good: I've saved lots of money, and my liver.

So why is it that many Asian people can't take alcohol, like they can't handle lactose products? Dairy's never been a problem to me (maybe that's why grandpa always says "you're such a big girl" when I go home, even though I'd like to think I'm a good "Canadian" size...), but oh, I can't handle alcohol. There was a time where three drinks (wow!) wouldn't be a problem. For some reason, however, I've returned to my cheap drunk status and I don't know how it happened! Two weeks ago, I had two drinks after a hearty meal. I stood up and nearly toppled over. Now really, that was quite sad! So why, you ask, do I continue to drink? Well, why do other people drink? Cuz it's yummy and it buzzes yummy (Mm, a nice cold beer with wings or better yet, pizza!!!). Hey! It's not like China has a shortage of alcohol like dairy. Japan has Sake. And everyone else, I'm sure, has some form of moonshine carefully refined in a bathtub somewhere. It's a conundrum I hope someone out there can explain to me. Is there Lactaid-like drug that I can take so I won't become a beet after having three quarters of a Smirnoff? Can I ever savour a Stella Artois as much as the Belgian on TV who says, "Mais papa! Il m'a sauve ma vie!" ? Well, it IS a good thing to be a cheap drunk...otherwise I might end up like Nickelback or Vin Diesel in the next Garfield flick and then who knows where I might be? Smoking pot in a yurt on the coast of BC? Why, the fun starts tomorrow! By the way, the flight's at 8AM . . .

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clumsymaid said...

Don't worry morr,

None of us can drink, so one of us at least can carry you home.