Sunday, June 06, 2004

Summer movies and smoggy brains

You can tell my summer is getting off to a good start, becoming a movie-bum going to the theatre for the pupose of feeding off the hyper air-con. I guess that's my excuse for going to see movies like Troy and The Chronicles of Riddick: My brain is suffering from the humidity, or there's something else really wrong with me.

When we got the the theatre, Chris and I were dumbstruck at the giant poster advertising a movie version for Garfield. My question is WHY!? Who asked for this
? I can't remember Garfield being popular when it was popular, so I've got to wonder why this movie ever made it out. The same question goes to The Chronicles of Riddick, the sequel to the mindless sci-fi flick, Pitch Black. Did someone take a public interest survey and discover the demand for the revival of a cantankerous cat and a musclebound killing machine? I've never written any survey of this kind; I certainly have never heard of one either. So, WHY? This question ranks with the likes of, What is the meaning of life? Is there a God? Do we live in a matrix? Why is the sky blue? And, Do I really need these shoes? Yes, central to my existence is the need for the answer to movie-making travesty. Can I save the rest of humankind from being forced to watch The Chronicles of Riddick just because they had to choose between Mean Girls and Another Olsen Twin Movie? Seeing as I keep paying these moneygrubbing moviemakers to crank out more brainless films, I doubt it.

By the way, Garfield II will come out next year, featuring Vin Diesel as the fat cat himself.


the Dancing Llama said...

Hey I really liked chronicles of riddick, and pitch black, but triple x sucked and i am procrastinating, if you haven't guessed.

Matthea said...

I admit, I liked Pitch Black. Wasn't crazy about Riddick, and really didn't like triple x and the weird transylvanian accents going on there.