Friday, June 18, 2004

Oh, I'm a terrorist? Really?

So this was my first trip on a plane... alone. Not that that's was an issue. Airports are just mind boggling places that make me wonder if I'm actually a terrorist and I didn't know it. Maybe I packed a M-16 into my knapsack in my sleep? Will they confiscate my nail-clipper and post my picture on CNN as the new Asian threat? Well, this isn't the States, and that's not where I'm going. The guy at security tells me to take out any electronics in my carry-on. I smile innocently as I pull out all the things that blink and go beep. As security begins dusting my things, I think to myself "Oh, I have a bomb in my cell phone. Fancy that." But, no alarms go off, no red alert. The sweat starts to recede as I turn and give a thumbs up to my parents waiting behind the security area. I give a little wave and it's done. So it's goodbye Ottawa, and hello Vancouver. Ah, the second chapter of my life, I suppose. More school . . . the comfortable, all-encompassing security of school -- the best way I figure to stall the decision to choose a career. Chris said it best yesterday during our conversation at Zaphod's: "The working life seems like eternity," she said. "You feel like you're trapped in a damned routine that's -- endless." So, do I really want to be in her position? Work 9-5, Monday to Friday, lather, rinse, repeat? How would that be, I wonder. A life with no studying or homework, papers or lectures, and all the things I'm so sick of right now? Maybe I could join the army like that guy sitting by the window over there? He seems to have it all figured out with his snappy little buzz cut, and his polished shoes, though besides getting a free education, I couldn't let the army have me for five years that easily. I might as well get a lobotomy, which, in comparison, doesn't seem so bad. No, the future is undecided, and much like chocolates in a box a la Forrest Gump, you never know what you're gonna get.

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