Tuesday, February 03, 2009

why I love where I work

I love working where I work. Though I don't love everything about this ultra-conservative Christian organization, I do love the designers and writers I work with. They're funny, irreverent and wholeheartedly random. (Is that because we're creative or because we're deranged?).

At any rate, my favourite part of my work week comes from our daily (and sometimes completely crazy) email threads that include Youtube videos like "Jesus is a Friend of Mine" and musical genius and outer-space hottie, Mark Gormley.

So despite having a brain-numbing commute, at least I'll have the usual randomness to look forward to. Here, for example, is a thread that began as a vote for where to get lunch . . .

SB: Hi all,
do we feel like ordering in for our lunch thing on Wednesday? Any suggestions on places to get some grub?

KO: sushi

SS: No offense, anyone, but I really don’t like sushi (or anything that involves fish, seafood or mushrooms) – I can’t think of a strong preference at the moment, but I’m open to most other suggestions, though.

KO: I like steak if Dave pays, otherwise pita pit is nice.

DP: Steak is out I guess. Pita Pit is good . . . To be perfectly honest (I’ve been lying all the rest of the time) I eat anything in front of me, unless it is borscht.

MS: I love borscht!

SS: Beet soup? Or for that matter, beet anything? I dunno.
On the other hand, it’s started me thinking – there’s gotta be a Ukrainian Orthodox church around, with some little old ladies making yummy homemade perogies and cabbage rolls, from scratch. Man, I’d go for that.

DP: Man, if there’s one of those near here we should totally look into that. Boy do I love good perogies and cabbage rolls. I’m so skeeeeny. I need to fatten up.

KO: Dave you should eat lard, that will fatten you up.

DP: I DO! Nothing works!

MS: Do you happen to have a worm?

AL: Yes, he does, he told me about it

Me: Have you tried using an IV with your liquid lard? Ew. And yes, his tapeworm is named Bertha.

SS: Maybe we could lure it out with some homemade cabbage rolls, then put it in a bottle of tequila.

DP: First, you guys all need serious therapy. Second, naming a tapeworm Bertha is perfectly normal. Third, I believe luring it out with cabbage rolls is a spectacular idea. Fourth, why am I numbering these sentences? Fifth, Michelle’s wallpaper is pretty cool. It looks like a cool chart over a photo from this angle.

Yup, this is what we do almost every day. Do we get anything done? Ehhh, maybe. Well, at least the editors and I can say we've been building our vocab this way. Not long ago, we were looking up the many wonderful and colourful ways to say "barf."

Next: The technicolour yawn and the giant peach


sharon said...

Hey Matthea, it's Sharon! :) Found your blog thru Facebook.

I love our email threads - they're guaranteed to make me laugh on a daily basis. I just wish I was witty and quick enough to come up with a great response once in a while...

Mark said...

Was this all over email, or was it IM? If IM, what do you use, because I *definitely* gotta get this implemented at my office!

Matthea said...

Nope, all over email. It's our typical office banter.

hehe. If we had IM, we'd get NOTHING done! haha.