Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i will be the biggest loser!

well, not of the steve urkel variety, but we're talking about pounds here, people. my ex-roomies, the hubster and myself are embarking on our very-own biggest loser challenge: championship round. who will be the biggest loser?

ME, baby- yeah! booyah!

so, i'm not "fat" but you know you've hit your late twenties when people start asking if that's a baby bump and you're not pregnant, or you notice your left side formed a roll in the shape of the donut you just ate. but hey, i'm asian and that usually means a pretty high metabolism.

there are seven challengers and only one biggest loser this time around . . . and the competition will be fierce! several obstacles stand in our way: genetics, lifestyle, rainy weather - and Christmas! Christmas will be the ultimate leveller in this challenge - all the treats and potlucks and pound-piling sweets . . .

but perhaps the most insidious of saboteurs we will face could very well be each other. i will be wary! distrust will be my only ally as the others, on roommate night, ask sweetly, "another helping of cream-cheese and butter mashed potatoes?" if i'm not careful, they may trap me in a room and force and IV of sweet, sweet caramel into my veins.

trust no one.

the challenge . . . is ON!

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