Tuesday, May 02, 2006

pray for me!

oh mylanta indeed. it's beautiful in vancouver, there is a great guy who likes me here (and who looks a bit evil in this picture), annnnnd sadly, i have two more term papers to write. victorian lit, boo! i have spent the last week and a half literally imprisoned indoors while all of the above is happening. if you should wish to empathize with me, send your pity to:

matthea's empathy fund*
c/o her dead brain
001 burntout synapse st.
medulla oblongata, BC
V6K 1B4

*cheques and visa number gladly accepted

otherwise, here are some free brain samples that might help you empathize with me:

*brain explosion
*freedom poison
*eyeball implosion
*imminent nervous degeneration
*psychological disruption
*gall bladder eruption

Matthea manically pulls out hair: "AGHRR!"


karyn said...

medulla oblongata.. hee hee hee

the Dancing Llama said...

you spell checks funny...

Matthea said...

??? joash, I don't get it.

dilys said...

oh my sympathies, matthea!!! it's so lovely outside -- immoral to have to stay indoors. when you finish your papers, we shall have to party.

(by way of justine's blog.)

StorMRequiem said...

I love English!