Monday, April 10, 2006

i am in a dungeon

Surprise, surprise, it is no longer Weldon's Periodicals B, but some dungeon in the deep, dark belly of Koerner library. Good thing it isn't sunny, or else I'd be having some real problems. I've been terribly finicky about study space since mid February: my favourite workplace cafe shut down earlier this year, and I was left with few options. My room drives me crazy, and housemates often distract me out of my work; Calhoun's is noisy and dark; I know too many people at the Wired Monk, and school libraries are just, well, nasty. I have, though, resorted to the dungeonous library option because I figure its the best way to get my "blinders" on. Timmy's works ok, but only if I'm there by myself or with Elim my housemate and not with wonderfully distracting Joash. So, I am in a dungeon. I have locked myself in and thrown away the key. Oh, the sweet smell of recycled air.
Back to work...

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