Tuesday, April 11, 2006

bad poem, great guy: matthea is cheese.

Q. !!!?
A. Intro to Grace Vancouver Course.

So, people, this is Joash.
He really likes Johnny Cash.
An American! Who would've thunk
Well, good thing he's no Asian punk
He loves God and is studying Greek
To maybe someday be both a pastor and a geek.
But boy can this guy sure swing dance,
And ack, I just about peed my pants!
Honest, upright and faithful,
Can you call a guy 'beautiful'?
Too bad, I just did.
So people, this is Joash.
And he really likes Johnny Cash.


Cora said...


AWWWW...your special friend..:)

haha. i'm happy for you Matthea. and how did i know he wouldn't be an asian guy! hahahah. :)


StorMRequiem said...

^_^! Yay Matthea! He's a lucky guy!

karyn said...

its the birth of MOASH!!!!!

i love you morris!! can't wait to see you in four months!!

Matthea said...

Yup, finally eh? The cheese has gotten the best of me and at long last .

Karyn, you have a weird penchant for making up weird names for me.

Sunday April 23rd means we'll have been going out for a month! wow...

the Dancing Llama said...

My head is not three times bigger then yours...

karyn said...

its only because you're so weird to begin with.... hehehe

Matthea said...

kpong, you are a dork and I love you for it. So you're going to steal me away from Joash when you get to Van? yay, robbery by pong! Karyn, call me sometime, k?!