Thursday, June 18, 2009

Five years in Vancouver - today!

Yippee for me, today is my fifth-year anniversary in Vancouver!

Driving into work today, I thought about what had happened since this day in 2004. June 18, I'm waving goodbye to my parents at the Ottawa airport. Less than six hours later, I touched down on this foreign, mountainous place where people hang out half-naked on the beach in the middle of a workday.

Before leaving Ontario, friends who knew I was a backpacking fanatic said I would love BC so much, I'd marry a mountain man and never come back. Love BC? Check. Marry mountain man? Check. Never coming back? Like on a runaway train on a one-way track!

So what has happened? Other than being offered crack on the bus and finding out my superpower is not teaching spoiled UBC students Shakespeare, here are some highlights:
  • Finally got my useless, but impressive-sounding Masters degree
  • Got my first paying job as an editor (nice to see my name in print!)
  • Met my uncle, aunt and cousins for the first time
  • Found the mountain man and got married
  • In doing so, learned to swing dance, west coast style. Still working on lindy.
  • Became a first-time aunt
  • Saw my bro get married and disappear into the 'burbs of good 'ol Mississauga
  • Found a great church; saw about 20 babies born within this time
  • "Studied" at the beach a lot, often while sleeping in the sun
  • Learned the Thriller dance with my favourite housemates
  • Kayaked among a pod of porpoises in the wild
  • Learned to drive stick - and love it
  • Moved six times and have lived in Richmond, Kits (3 houses), Burnaby, New West, then East Van.
  • Mourned the death of my 15-year-old Shih Tzu. Sniff. My dear little pooch!
  • Hiked and camped in the Coast Mountain, Cascade, Rocky Mountain and Sangre de Christos ranges
  • Shot a .22 in New Mexico
  • Learned how to play the congas and the djembe
  • Found that Once I Was the King of Spain. Moxy Fruvous' Bargainville never gets old even after 15 years of listening to it
Of course there's more, but my life really isn't that interesting. So I'll end by saying that I'm thankful for everything that's happened here - even the bad things.

I really wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

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Anonymous said...

Woot! I'm personally SO glad that you are here in BC! :)