Tuesday, July 29, 2008

facebook bores me. i'm back

well, at least i think i am. now that I have two hundred or more friends on facebook, many i never see and never wanted to reconnect with again, i feel that returning to the peaceful monologuing blogosphere might be a good thing. i like the look of my own words. plus, it's extra quiet here, now that all's left is a graveyard of abandoned blogs.

really, when someone i only remember as "that girl who snogged the boy i liked at camp" facebooks me and says she'll be in vancouver, why don't we meet up, i click "ignore" and grumble about why i bother with facebook . . . every time. Or when someone puts me on their superwall mass spam thingy, i get these videos of a mangy cat barfing. why?! WHY?! oh, yes. because i signed up for it and gave it the keys to my soul.

yes, keys which i will now take back with force. for you see, we've become those kinds of online addicts that give people a hard time if they don't complete their turn on Scrabulous within twenty minutes of the last game played. i, too, am guilty, so i'm getting off this boat.

now, at least, i can come to blogger and wait for comments to appear on my posts to wonder impatiently, "why don't my #$%ing friends respond to my wittiness?" And of course we already know what's blatantly obvious - they're all on facebook!



Joash said...

clever Cutie,

look now you have comment....

ren said...

Now you can see who your true friends really are, the ones who leave comment here, haha! Actually, I've missed your writing because you plain crack me up. Glad you're back!

Palantar said...

I think it's actually too easy to say stuff on facebook. It's easy enough that you don't actually have to come up with anything thoughtful... there's no barrier to entry, so everything gets through, and all is lost in a mindless flurry of status message updates "is wondering what to do now..."

guysmilez said...

bring it on Mrs. Schumpey. perhaps you can even try a little twittering? :)