Tuesday, April 04, 2006

spring flowers, wedding showers: julia gulia

Spring is here, and flowers are out. The weather is still gloomy, but sunny at times. Oh Vancouver, Oh Mylanta. March is always the hardest to get term papers out. I went for a beautifully long walk with Renae last week along the beach, and so many flowers are out!

It's sunny today, and actually warm too for the first time, so I took a walk down to North Wreck beach between classes, and read the Bible for a while, alternately talking to God in between. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to enjoy it fully; I had a fitful night's sleep, and am positively exhausted. I'm gonna crash soon...but first:

Spring is here, and so come the onslaught of soon-to-be marriages. Congratulations to Julia, another Essex girl getting hitched. I'm suprised the whole rez hasn't followed suit. First Karyn, then Cyn, then Ho, now Julia!

I was thinking about ACF again today, as I was hunting down the Crusade office at the SUB. It made me think --- we never got an office at the UCC?! But while peering through the various offices, I found some Asian kids hanging out in one of them. The sight brought me back to my early undergrad days where we would just meet up at the UCC food court, hang out, laugh, play...ah, sweet, simple times! yay for goofy undergrad days, and yay for right now, even if life at present seems more complicated than before.

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enitsuj said...

I love the cherry blossoms! they are out in the park in my bedroom/office view just down below. It was this time of year I first looked at this place. time is flying! as i looked at the blossoms the other day, i think i've decided that spring is my favourite season, even over summer. I just love (and need) the hope of new possibilities...of course, it is the precedence to weddings too! i'm working on 3 wedding invitations this year already!